SpeoTravaux Journal - 2015
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Sommaire - Contents 1 View
DAN L. DANIELOPOL, IONEL G. TABACARU The species concept, thematic subject in natural sciences – the scientific approaches of Emil G. Racovitza and Nicolae Botnariuc 3 View
AUGUSTIN NAE Synaphris lehtineni, Marusik, Gnelista & Kovliuk, 2005 (Synaphridea, Araneae) – new record for the Romanian fauna 27 View
IOANA NAE, OTILIA IVAN First record of three oribatid mites species (Acari: Oribatida) in the Romanian fauna 33 View
IONUŢ POPA, LEONARD DOROBĂŢ New records and rare species of Collembola for the Romanian fauna (Leaota Massif, Southern Carpathians) 41 View
DUMITRU MURARIU Mammal Fauna (Mammalia) of the Buzău and Teleajen Valleys (Eastern Carpathians – Romania) 47 View
DUMITRU MURARIU Revised and commented checklist of mammal species of the Romanian fauna 67 View
SORIN GEACU Dumitru Murariu, Ph. D., corresponding member of the Romanian Academy, Deputy Director of “Emil Racoviță” Institute of Speleology Bucharest, at his 75th birth anniversary 93 View